SucherNova Farm in Cotati – A New Generation of Grangers

Petaluma, November 3, 2013

Petaluma Community Guildr Melissa Casanova mentioned today that she and husband Ben Sucher are busily getting cover crops ready for winter and have added raising rabbits to the repertoire of their 10 acre spread in Cotati, SucherNova Farm.  Besides growing a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, microgreens, bees and honey using biodynamic and organic practices, SucherNova raises chickens, lamb, goats, cattle, and pigs. 


Melissa and Ben are interested in feeding both the body and soul of their community, as well as nurturing and healing their land. It’s our Grange’s view that approaches like theirs – which carefully consider the needs of their animals, soil, community, and future generations – are the foundation of a sustainable local food and agricultural system.

They’re also indicative of the increasingly younger face of the growing California Granges. Countering trends nationally, the California Granges have grown rapidly in recent years, with the vast majority of that growth coming from younger farmers, food producers, advocates and others interested in resilient, healthy foodsheds for everyone.

Beyond offering a weekly meat and veggie CSA, SucherNova features seasonal nutrition classes, farm-to-table dinners featuring live entertainment and delectably fresh, mouth-watering meals, and this year held family yoga courses on the farm as well.

You can find SucherNova at the Petaluma Farmer’s Market, Walnut Park in Petaluma, for a few more Saturdays, through November 23, 2013. Or, call them at 707-992-0056 to sign up for their CSA or visit them online for more information.

You can also read about them online, courtesy of Sonoma County Farm Trails, at the website of our wonderful local reader-supported paper, the Sonoma County Gazette.

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