Stand Up for Your Farmers and Your Food – Time to Tell the FDA to Do the Same

Please submit your comments before the November 15 deadline

November 5, 2013

by Cheryl Rettie (2013). Reprinted with permission., #fixFSMA
by Cheryl Rettie (2013). Reprinted with permission., #fixFSMA




















The FDA is beginning to implement the rules mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which was signed by President Obama in January of 2011. These rules will have a big impact on how fruit and vegetables are grown and processed in the United States and are of concern to farmers, food producers, and more generally everyone who eats food produced in this country.

As they’re currently written, the FDA’s proposed rules would, according to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC):

  • put many farms out of business
  • reduce the supply of fresh, local produce in schools and hospitals
  • push farmers to tear out wildlife habitat
  • increase the use of chemicals rather than natural fertilizers


Visit the NSAC’s action page to find several quick and easy ways you may comment on these proposed rules before the FDA’s November 15 deadline, whether you’re a farmer, food producer, or consumer. Here’s the Community Alliance on Food and Farming’s page on the FSMA as well. Or visit the Cornucopia Institute’s page.

The FDA has shown itself to be well-attuned to the needs and demands of the food & agrochemical industries. Now it’s up to the public to make certain the interests of family farmers, food producers and all consumers are represented in its new food rules.

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