Success! County Health Dept. will not raise Food Program fees for 2015-16

suchernovaThe Petaluma Community Guild is grateful for your comments and speed at which the petition was shared. Our message was heard! Thanks to you signing the petition, emailing, and calling the Board of Supervisors, I received word this morning that the County Health Dept. WILL NOT bring the fee increase back to the Board of Supervisors this year. None of the Farmer’s Market, Cottage Food or Food Truck operators will see fee increases thanks to your efforts!

The Guild is a wonderful organization that keeps track of local issues (like this one) around our local food, farming and living a wonderful rural life. Each Guild has a special focus and mission. Petaluma is focused on sustainable food systems and farming and gathering our community together for good films at Aqus Cafe on Sunday nights.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join your local Guild for FREE. You can become a member of your local Guild for free now through June, 2015.

Again, Thank you for your support. It’s good to be a Guilder!

My best,
Tiffany Renée
President, Petaluma Community Guild #851

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