Petaluma Community Guild Opposes Significant Fee Increases to Food Facility Program

Please sign the Petition at:

fee increase graphic
Wayne at Petaluma Farmers MarketAt the April 21st meeting of the board of supervisors, a motion from the Sonoma County Dept. of Health, Environmental Health and Safety Section, to significantly raise all food fee schedules will be presented.

The fee increases affect Farmers’ Markets (an increase to $507), all community events ($592 for 6 or more vendors), all mobile food facilities ($1,183 for extensive food prep), and Cottage Food Operators (Class A-$338+hourly fee after 2 hours and Class B-$507+hourly rate after 3 hours).

The groups affected have very low profits (if at all) and struggle to compete with big box stores, fast food chains, and large super markets.

This increase in fees targets the struggling small food operator so that many will not be able to survive. It also targets the smallest segment of the Sonoma County food industry.

Please sign this petition to alert the Board of Supervisors to the unfairness of these increases.

Thank you,

Tiffany Renée

President, Petaluma Community Guild #851

Former Petaluma Vice Mayor



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