May 15, 2021 at 10:14AMWhen your settler colonialism has to pay young people to visit so you can convince them they are the chosen people to occupy land by violent force and make their newly acquired votes count more, there’s something wrong with your Zionism. When my kids were teenagers we were invited to send them to Israel, all expenses paid. They had bat mitzvah in Israel if they chose. I learned that Israel was losing citizens (dominance) and the voting block to support their colonization. They had to make Jewish votes count more to appear democratic. I understand the arguments about Jewish landback. But the violent forceful occupation is wrong. The concentration camps are wrong. There is no moral ground for what’s been happening there. A Hamas leader was born in the “refugee camp” in 1960. That’s 11 years before I was born. There is no hiding of what the US has done in creating this endless war. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mao, Capitalist. All live by force of dominance. What are your traditions grounded in for your resilience? Dominance or relationship? You choose.

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