“After Rest Comes Flow.” — Ixchel Lunar ✨🔥✨

After Rest Comes Flow

 “After Rest Comes Flow.” 

— Ixchel Lunar ✨🔥✨

 Performative professionalism is the thing that’s gotten in my way all my life. The perfection and impeccability that I was taught was a white supremacy coping mechanism that is taught by well meaning BIPOC parents and teachers. (h/t to @gieselleallen and @kellydiels for the insights and questions that unlocked my soul.) 


It’s also a way of Latine (and BIPOC) culture doing proximity to whiteness. If our shirts are crisp enough, our shoes clean and on trend, and just the right amount of gold, we feel like we might pass enough to get ahead. 

As a method, it’s definitely worked for some Latine (and BIPOC) entrepreneurs (I see you Marco Rubio). For others, like me, not so much, especially when I’ve used the proximity to dismantle oppressions. 

Decolonizing Time pushes back on these systems that weigh on our cognitive load. Carrying this load steals our time, our attention and focus all of which kill our innovation, creativity and our ability to get into Flow states.

I shared about the importance of resting and how it primes Flow in a cohort recently and I began getting quoted all over in discussions. Because we all know that our carrying capacity is at max. 

We are craving rest. 

Much of the overload is outside influences taking up space in our bodies rent free. It’s time to drop that shit. 

Part of reclaiming our Time is making space for us to think and feel without all that dominator cultural programming. It’s an ongoing practice that I refer to as Dreaming in the Wild. 

In my trillium post I quoted Audre Lorde’s insight on self-care necessary for activism. But, we understand that it’s also community care, community rest. 

This how we can review and adopt or adapt our ancestors traditions of community care and rest so we can become good ancestors in the future. 


I’m a ✨Time Witch ✨ and founder of JEDI* Flow Collective. I train #Edgewalkers to #decolonize time, skip the burnout + cultivate Flow… We are edgewalking on the left side of liberation. Will you walk with us? 

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