JEDI Flow Collective and the Edgewalkers Labyrinth Framework

Edgewalkers Labyrinth Venn Flower of my process

The image is my Venn Diagram Framework of the journey of the Edgewalkers Labyrinth. The three petals of the trillium flower are further described below.


Initiated: Identifying life events that forever change who we are and supercharge our purpose here and now. Living at the edge, being the bridge between the Deep and the Divine.

Autotelic: Your inner compass, your outer North Star. The Deep Why, intrinsic motivation, that helps stay with the discomfort in unlearning, for the deep work required of us in this time.

Earth Knowing: Revive and support indigenous ways of knowing and being in relationship with Earth and the Ancestors. How do you give back, repair, decolonize?


Reclaim your Birthright: Reclaiming our Time with Flow as our birthright. Centering Flow in your life.

Devote yourself daily: Transform the stuckness of an old rut into the new nervous system pathways (neuroplasticity). Developing the mettle (grit, resilience) for the challenges ahead.

Innovate: Dismantling the old systems and developing the new ones that center Flow as your way of being need innovative ideas and ways of being because dominator culture wasn’t made for us.


Rest Revolt: Rest for the Revolution. “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” — Audre Lorde

Wild Idling (h/t for this similar term from Lianne Raymond): Reconnect with ch’ulel, (chi) the embodied energy of the cosmos, let you mind, heart and sacral free.

Find Your Rhythm: What is your beat? Your biorhythms, your cycle or creation, your dance? What is the pace of your walk on this Earth?

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