2019-04-13 14:25:52

2019-04-13 14:25:52

Photo Caption: In this morning’s meditation I asked for guidance for sharing this invitation with you. The guidance was to remind the Rainbow Hive (that’s you!) that the invitation to this work is always from the Earth, to be renewed in this time so we can continue our good work of elevating the planet towards a more resilient future.

We are born of this Earth and return to it again and again in so many ways as our molecules unite, dance and cycle through creations over and over. As I shared yesterday, I was given an opportunity to return to Tanzania, the seat of human birth and evolution to learn from our oldest living ancestors — the Hadza — the ways of resilience and joy (central themes in the book I’m currently writing).

Despite living through unimaginable experiences growing up, my gift and my medicine is the ability to see the Rainbow Light we all share and transmute and alchemically transform the pain — of our experiences, the destruction of the habitats of our animal guides, and the inhumanity of living in this time — into a protective medicine for living with courage to continue the good work in the world.

If you’ve been struggling to show up consistently and at your best in the good work you are doing for the Earth, I get it. There’s so much chaos, opinion and distraction that is meant to keep you from hearing your truth and applying your medicine for the Greater Purpose of Being. If you’re tired of being tired and ready to take the leap, I’m here, holding open a door for you. It’s your time to rise and shine, waking up happy again, grateful for this time to be alive. Let’s do this together.

The Rainbow Light of Renewal is your daily retreat, your foundation for building an extraordinary life of service to the world.

Through over 30 years of studying elevated states of consciousness, studied directly with titans of the field like Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler, Dr. Stan Grof, Joanna Macy, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Eric Edmeades, Neeta Bushan, Peter Russell, Sukhdev Jackson, Kyle Cease, Lisa Nichols and more working through limiting beliefs and addictive behaviors, and mentoring leaders with heart… (continue via

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