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Photo Caption: When something magical happens… What a gift! I’ve been offered a spot to travel to Tanzania to visit the Hadza with Eric Edmeades, founder of WildFit. He’s filming with the Hadza Bushman of Tanzania for a documentary and invited a dozen of us Certified WildFit coaches to tag along to meet and stay with Hadza, living alongside them in their camp for a week to learn their ancestors’ ways.

When a lifelong dream and an expert guide appear it’s foolish to tell the Universe, “Not yet.”

When I was a young teen it was my dream to become a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, traveling the world to explore the magic of diversity that has unfolded in the world. I especially wanted to explore Africa. And as life happens, when I was 16, my father was killed and within a heartbreaking six months I was pregnant. I had two beautiful girls by 18. Adventurous trips became more of a fantasy, and instead I put myself through college and grad school, raising them as a single mom. Coupled with my health issues of being undiagnosed celiac, traveling the world seemed impossible, until I met Eric Edmeades.

If you’ve followed my journey back to health, you know I moved to Nicaragua a little over two years ago and started my WildFit journey, the last of over a dozen “diets” I ever had to try. So much goodness came out of that, including learning how I could finally explore the world with confidence that I would not go hungry. As someone that always watched everyone else go on adventures, it was finally “someday” for me. I found way more than just food freedom in WildFit. I found my wings and can help you find yours.

And now, Africa! To secure my spot I have to leap quickly. So that means my launch rollout I was planning for May is being released tomorrow! And my latest offerings come with some sweet bonuses for those that also know how to leap when the Universe opens a door.

So, look for tomorrow’s post. I’ll be sharing more about the Rainbow Light of Renewal Daily Retreat — including weekly calls centered on:
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