2018-01-22 16:40:33

2018-01-22 16:40:33

Caption: Dear Friends,
I am opening up my second WildFit Challenge for the first Monday in February. I began small group coaching this month, and it has been a deeply rewarding journey to get here.
As a community organizer and former politician, I’ve mentored disadvantaged communities to get involved for over 20 years. But, with today’s challenges, showing up is harder and harder. Especially when we haven’t been showing up for ourselves.

There was a time I was significantly overweight, depressed and stuck. I covered my mirrors so I didn’t have to see myself. It cost me years of turning down invitations and missing out on the dance in life.

But I began making changes, growing my own food and THEN, through Eric Edmeades’ brilliant program, something just clicked! I learned how to feed myself, truly nourish myself with WildFit. #joy

I released the weight, kept it off and my fog and depression lifted. I’m living life comfortably in my body now. I’m living WildFit and I can show you how to do it too. In this time of great chaos and weather extremes, we need YOU TO BE READY to serve your community now more than ever.

It’s clear to me, I found significant life-saving gains that came with addressing my nutrition, including eliminating a chronic systemic candida inflection that I had struggled with most of my life. If it weren’t for WildFit, I would have never felt well enough, or confident enough to fly to Tikal, Guatemala. In Guatemala I learned more about native stingless bees I work with and studied ancient ecological collapse for an upcoming book I’m writing on joy and resilience. And I traveled completely on my own. #fearless

After unknowingly struggling with celiac, I’ve tried over a dozen weight loss and nutrition diets with little to no lasting results. This struggle kept me from being fully present to the ecological work I have been engaged in since I was a young teen. Health was elusive.

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Photo taken at: Zumbido Vida Endangered Bee Sanctuary

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