2018-01-21 18:14:54

2018-01-21 18:14:54

Caption: This is my #YearOfColour report! I love it. These colors truly capture my moods and interests. #pink #greensmoothie #greensmoothielife #pinksmoothie #plantbased #plantpowered #eattherainbow #eatrealfood
Fascinating! 💕🙌🏼🌈 A visualisation of the colours you’d find on @zumbidovida’s Instagram feed

Each circle represents one of ten significant colours we’ve extracted from each image they posted in a year.

The size of the circles indicates two things – how significant the colour was in the image, and how well liked it was by their followers. @yearofcolour

Photo taken at: Zumbido Vida Endangered Bee Sanctuary

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