The 2013 Petaluma Community Guild Holiday Hootenanny, Featuring Whiskey & Circumstance, Monday December 16, 6:30pm at the Seed Bank, 199 Petaluma Blvd, Petaluma

 whiskey and circumstance
I’ve been remiss in my duties of reminding folks of our upcoming Petaluma Community Guild Holiday Hootenanny at the Seed Bank tomorrow, the 16th of December, at 6:30 pm. A little potluck, some friendly Christmas conversation, and a bit of music from Whiskey & Circumstance, who were such a big hit at the recent Grange convention. Leader of that band, Evan Wiig, is also the founder of the Young Farmers Guild and will be speaking a little bit about that.
C’mon down, bring a bite to share if you can, and and help us express our gratitude for the support of this wonderful community of concerned & compassionate folks. The Grange movement is growing rapidly thanks to neighbors just like you.
This year we California Grangers have much to be grateful for –
  • a growing community of people concerned with creating the sustainable & fair food & ag systems we all desire – putting we the people back in the driver’s seat of a system taken over long ago by private corporate interests
  • the groundbreaking of a new Grange Ag School near Willits, where we’ll be training future generations of Grange farmers in sustainable ag techniques
  • the continuing influence of our Grange in California – 143 years and counting – this year we finally found a governor to sign our industrial hemp bill, which will soon allow Californians to benefit from the growth of that extraordinarily beneficial crop
  • the participation of new Grangers just like you – the Grange is no longer just a farmers’ rights group – if you care about your food, where it comes from, and ensuring that everyone’s right to enough to eat is fulfilled, then you’re a Granger at heart
We would love to see you there! If you have the opportunity, I would appreciate it if you’d spread the word in any way possible. Feel free to contact me via phone or email for more information.
Chris Fisher
Petaluma Community Guild VP


Whiskey & Circumstance  Plays the Petaluma Community Guild Holiday Hootenanny!

Monday December 16th, 6:30-9:30pm, at the

Petaluma Seed Bank,199 Petaluma Blvd, Petaluma



Join your local Grangers for a little good ol’ fashioned cowboy disco. Bring family, friends and a bite of food if you can for an evening of holiday cheer, wonderful local food and the musical stylings of Sonoma County’s only USDA-certified organic, pasture-raised, farm-to-stage cowboy disco: Whiskey & Circumstance.


We’ll hear from Evan Wiig, musician and Founder of Sonoma and Sebastopol chapters of Young Farmers Guild!


Whiskey & Circumstance – fresh from a CD release party at the Sebastopol Grange. CDs will be available at this event.


Listen in at

All Welcome. Free Admission

The Petaluma Community Guild Mission Statement:
The Petaluma Community Guild will foster a sustainable community by advocating for local farmers and the creation of equitable, resilient local agricultural and food systems. We will embrace the area’s diverse cultural heritage, promote reinvestment in our local economy, welcome the wisdom of our elders and support each other in our efforts to be responsible stewards of the land for the benefit of future generations. 
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