What’s the Future of Soil and Compost in the North Bay?


The Petaluma Community Guild hosted a jam-packed public forum at the Petaluma Historic Museum on April 27, 2016 — Compost in the North Bay: A Public Forum & Solution Showcase

The event drew a full house of farmers and gardeners to learn about the future of compost and organics diversion in Sonoma County. In addition to the panel of experts, the forum featured an interactive sponsor gallery featuring several local soil suppliers and partners.

Petaluma Community Guild Compost Forum

The main forum was an information and idea-packed program, thanks to speakers Leslie Lukacs (SCS Engineers, Sonoma County Compost Coalition), Will Bakx (Sonoma Compost, Sonoma County Compost Coalition), Rick Kaye (Puma Springs Vineyard, Sonoma County Compost Club), and Joshua Beniston (SRJC Sustainable Agriculture Program).

If you attended the event or were just aware of it (but not able to make it), we’ve got the forum speaker’s presentation slides below, courtesy of the Petaluma Community Guild

Leslie Lukacs spoke about organic material collection in Sonoma County, its future, and the impact of last year’s closure of Sonoma Compost

Will Bakx focused on Carbon Farming as a necessary solution for rebuilding soil, reversing climate change and working in place to address soil health on your farm or in your backyard.

Rick Kaye gave an awesome overview of how the Compost Club of Sonoma County has brought composting and vermiculture to communities and organizations of every size around the North Bay. Worms are an easy way to build soil for your space!

 And Joshua Beniston rounded out the evening with a great primer of soil structure, the anatomy of carbon and water storage in soil, and examples of several no-till agriculture practices that have proven to dramatically improve soil health.

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