June 19, 2021 at 09:27AMThe Wake arrives Another layer shed, like the paper-thin mesh left as Something slithers away Never looking back The Committee waits to see its life force leave Taken by a grape Such a small, innocuous thing really Not one islet could muster a rescue Switched off by a virus that silenced the world No jewelry to denote their status Just a deep hole back to the spiral void She’s just sleeping, right? Her former life left in a papery heap The Wake arrives for a little snack βœ¨πŸŒ‘πŸŒ˜πŸŒ—πŸŒ–πŸŒ•πŸŒ”πŸŒ“πŸŒ’πŸŒ‘βœ¨ I’m a ✨Time Witch ✨ I founded the Initiated Leaders Fellowship to help Edgewalkers decolonize and reclaim your time, so you can skip the crash and liberate creative Flow. Have you subscribed to receive πŸ‰ Dragon Letters πŸ‰ yet? The next letter is emerges under the Capricorn moon. Link in bio… . . . #jedibusiness #jedileadership #edgewalkerscollective #boundlessvisionretreat #ixchellunar #emergentstrategy #restrevolt #overwhelm #burnout #initiatedleadership #decolonizetime #indigenousknowledge #edgewalkers #poem #emergentpoetry #poet #emergentpoet #ladadiabetes #type1diabetes #type1warrior πŸ“Έ Repost from @ecofriendly_coffee β€’ Spectacled Cobra inside Joe’s shade grown ecofriendly Indian Coffee

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