I’m excited to share a new workshop I’ve been creating on Decolonizing Time.

In this free workshop, you’ll discover:

Lessons from the Ancestors on

How to reclaim our stolen future with our planet in transition.

The Edgewalkers Dilemma:

How do we make miracles and get epic shit done without reproducing systems of brutal productivity on ourselves or our people?

We’ll cover:
* Decolonizing Time
* Colonial and Indigenous Time
* How Time is systematically used against us
* Liberating Your Flow
* Flow Cycle + Triggers
* Dreaming in the Wild
* How to thrive with a transitioning planet
* Dreaming in the wild
* Rest for the rebellion
* Boundless Vision for a BADASS life

At the end of the workshop, with your consent, I will offer a description of my Boundless Vision 1/2 Day Retreat for your consideration. Feel free to go early if it doesn’t resonate.

Rest assured, if you can’t make it live. All registrants will receive a replay of the workshop. Honored to share this formative teaching with you. xo

Please share with your compañeras…

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