2020-06-04 10:58:39

2020-06-04 10:58:39

Photo Caption: If you’re looking to me for guidance I suggest you look elsewhere. Do your internal work to #decolonize. I’m signal boosting important work in my stories and listening and reading (@resmaamenakem My Grandmother’s Hands). Getting the downloads and giving resources and insights where I can.
Meanwhile where I am in Central America, our brown and Afro-Caribbean, indigenous siblings are dying at unspeakable rates from Covid and not being counted. I’m getting reusable masks made for the neighborhood. We’ve got to stop the spread so these folx can live to see 2021 and beyond.

Midwifery is really close to my heart. Roots in Minneapolis needs help. Venmo or PayPal their fiscal sponsor, @ProjectMotherPath, with a note it’s for Roots. Will post deets in comments. Click their bio link for PayPal or Venmo @projectmotherpath #blackmothersmatter
Photo repost from @resmaamenakem

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