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Photo Caption: Wear That Beautiful Smile! 😁
It may seem overrated but smiling can make the difference between a whole day of being happy or feeling really heavy and deep inside.

Try to smile and you’ll notice a lot of difference. Smiling too is viral (minus all the pain and agony though) as it is contagious to almost everyone around you and almost nobody is immune to it. Try it out!
If you really want to improve your overall happiness and boost your immune system, focus each day on connecting with your support system and spreading positive emotions into the world.
When you give love, you are more likely to get love. And when you share your positive feelings, you help others to share theirs, too.
Do one thing every day that shows someone in your life that you love, value, or appreciate them.
Here are just a few habits that just take a few minutes: ✅ Call someone you love to say hello and see how they are
✅ Hug someone
✅ Hold hands with someone
✅ Give someone a smile or a pat on the back
✅ Tell others how proud you are of someone you love
✅ Do a favor for a friend or loved one
✅ Show a complete stranger kindness and support
Have fun, be happy and don’t forget that smile! Help a friend smile by tagging them in the comments, and post a photo of your silly smile.
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