2020-01-12 15:53:32

2020-01-12 15:53:32

Photo Caption: Happy Sunday, Loves! As I connect with regional cacao makers, I learned there are now five (2 purchased) – 1lb blocks available this week from our lovely Matagalpa collective. Follow the link in bio to reserve one before they are gone… (10% off…) We are working towards more offerings of this potent ceremonial-grade cacao.

As you may know, I’ve been working with Cacao medicine while living in jungle. And I am only able to bring a small batch of ceremonial-grade cacao with me to the US when I visit. This lovely small batch of handmade ceremonial-grade cacao is from the highland jungles of Matagalpa, Nicaragua where I live.

Having worked with this medicine for a bit now, I’m smitten with what’s grown here. The ferment is perfect. Pure paste, with cacao butter, not bitter. #veganchocolate

This medicinal cacao is grown in small family collectives with regenerative agroforestry practices.

Thank you for supporting this regenerative agroforestry in Nicaragua. Your support is revolutionary (literally, the 2018 uprising here started because these life-sustaining forests were left to burn…). I’m exploring a more consistent way to export, but at the moment, shipping from Nicaragua is very expensive. So it’s better to bring it in small batches when we visit.

After working with this medicine, I recently created a beautiful guide on holding a cacao ceremony (personal meditation or group). This sugar-free, heavy with good brain fats and heart-opening medicine can shift your relationship with chocolate to be healing, while decolonizing your body.

I’ve also been preparing a private online group on Mighty Network that will open to folx that purchase the guide.

You can find the Guide book and — if it’s still available — 100% Ceremonial-Grade Cacao in 1 pound offerings in my bio link.

Walk in beauty. Live your magic. Go wild.
xo Ixchel
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