2020-01-08 05:06:07

2020-01-08 05:06:07

Photo Caption: What does your heart want?
The world is tilting in contraction. Will you contract in this time? Will you revert to your place of comfort, the small-self addicted to cycles of fear?
Or will you open your heart and let Love in as your Guide during this tumultuous time?
When my heart cuts off and my mind begins to slip into rinse and repeat of old, fear-based patterns, patterns of resistance, I turn to gentle Cacao medicine for healing.
From a scientific and neuroscience perspective, Cacao is a vasodilator, containing theobromine and good brain supporting fats to gently open your heart and shift your perspective.
Decolonize chocolate.
What is Ceremonial-grade Cacao? It’s hand-crafted, fermented 100% chocolate, nothing added or taken away. Naturally sugar-free, with all the essential medicinal ingredients grown in harmony. Crafted for looking within.
I’ve created a simple, yet powerful guide to working with Cacao medicine in meditation and in group ceremony. It also includes how and where to source indigenous-grown, regenerative ceremonial-grade Cacao. You can learn more at ixchel.love/cacao
Stay open and Love, fiercely. 💗
xo @ixchel.love 👈🏼
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