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Photo Caption: Kundalini yoga is not as well-known as other forms of yoga such as Hatha, nor as old, but there is a growing interest in it because of the interest in it as not just a good workout, but a way of transforming body, mind and spirit.
Yoga has been used as part of traditional Indian medicine for more than 5,000 years. Some Mayans believe the technology was delivered to India from Snake Island (Central American region, including Atlantis). Many Yogic words share similarities in Mayan languages. The Mayans have studied koyopa, their term for Kundalini. 💫
Kundalini in the East has been used for more than 1,200. It was developed in India with a specific goal in mind, to tap into the latent energy within us all. This is known as Kundalini, which means coiled. The energy is pictured as being coiled around the base of the spine. The coil also refers to your restrained potential, which Kundalini yoga can help awaken so you can live your best life.
The question of whether or not it works depends on your definition. In reference to being a great form of physical health, folx would agree it can make you incredibly strong in a short period of time.
The word yoga means union, a union of body, mind and spirit. Ancient wisdom tells us that a healthy mind produces a healthy body, and vice versa. Kundalini is used to heal by balancing the energy centers in the body, including the 7 chakras most known. Chakra means wheel. The poses, movement, meditation and chanting are designed to move the coiled energy up the central channel that connects the chakras to one another.
The sets of poses, or kriyas, have been shown to help with breathing problems, depression, anxiety, and more, enhancing mood, reducing stress, and helping people transform their lives. Some kriyas have been scientifically studied to show improvements in neuroplasticity, cognitive function, and increased flow states.
Kundalini yoga works if you set your intention and then track it for 40 Days. To improve your relationships with loved ones, try a kriya for opening the heart and see how much smoother your live becomes. The one for addiction is life-changing. (Continues in comments)

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