2019-08-19 07:38:36

2019-08-19 07:38:36

Photo Caption: Known as the planet of change, Uranus shakes things up in our life, learn how this Retrograde will affect you on @spiritdaughter blog. 💫⁠ ((Excerpt)) On Aug 11th, Uranus begins his annual backward motion. Known as the planet of change, Uranus shocks and awes with his eccentric ways. Traditionally the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus currently is stationed in Taurus, shaking the ground of our financial systems and environmental perspectives.

Uranus breaks things up, and amongst the chaos, he brings us new ideas, new behaviors, and new normals. Uranus challenges us to see past the proverbial box and expand our consciousness beyond our conditioned patterns and limiting beliefs.

Uranus’s energy can feel jarring to our nervous system as it brings us into the unknown. With Uranus there is no easing into it, this planet’s energy is bold and confrontational. It throws us right into the deep end then expects us to develop a new method of swimming to navigate the waters.

August 11th, Uranus takes a turn in direction in our sky traveling from 6° Taurus to 2° Taurus, where it will station direct on January 10th. Although Uranus won’t be moving very far, its backward motion will certainly shake some things up for us.

Retrogrades turn the planet’s energy inward and cause us to feel them internally. We must take time to process them and understand their meaning, most often through times of solitude and quiet contemplation.

Uranus Retrograde will take the energy of change and internalize it, creating opportunities for growth and new development through explorations of the mind.

Sounds great right? The only catch is Uranus Retrograde can feel like sticking our finger in an electrical outlet, wreaking havoc on our nervous system and sending us spinning in circles for the next five months.

The key to navigating Uranus Retrograde with grace is knowing where his energy will show up in your world. If we become aware of what he is trying to break up, then we have a good chance of remaining calm as he does his work.

If we can ride the waves of change, while keeping our cool, we have an opportunity to make some major shifts in our energy.
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