2019-08-04 09:38:33

2019-08-04 09:38:33

Photo Caption: The El Paso Terrorist manifesto (link to @latinorebels in IG story) is about white nationalism due to economic angst over automation, environmental destruction and corporate greed that uses the worker visa to keep wages low.

Based on the reading, he is knowledgeable. But because he was educated in a white nationalist system, he makes a huge error starting out. He suggests Texas is being invaded, when in fact Texas was once part of Mexico. He acknowledged White invasion nearly wiping out indigenous people. Yet, there is an imperialist attitude that pervades his thoughts around separation of races and eugenic propaganda. His misses the fact that the mostly indigenous migrants are fleeing from climate crisis and corporate imperialism in their home countries. They share a the same struggles.

This is white nationalist terrorism. It’s existed before Trump in the shadows. In the early days of the Internet I helped track and block sites that published this kind of hate. It was deeply disturbing. But I’ve come to see that denying it, hiding, blocking it only makes it grow in the darkest of hearts. Trump’s regime is fanning the flames of this hatred. We must call it as it is. We must talk about it. Shine light into those shadows.

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