2019-07-16 06:06:12

2019-07-16 06:06:12

Photo Caption: Written July 2, 2019 during the Solar Eclipse in Laredo, TX. The photo is at the Rio Grande border between USA and Mexico. 📸 @bearfuht
I am the Rio Grande
My blue green water flows through the ancestral lineage
I am the tears of the mothers seeking a better life for their hijas
I am the droplet of water in your breath.
You are not alone. You are not separate.
The life flows through you always
All the pain
All the suffering
All the tears shed in desperation
are not in vain
You will feel the sun within you
Shine brightly
no matter what you face
You are light
The light that glitters
on the shimmering water
of the Grand River
like a beacon of hope
for all those precious souls
that know a better life exists
There are no borders now.
#immigrants #noborders #nowalls #iamamerican #lunareclipse #solareclipse #riogrande #laredotexas #borderpatrol #abolishice #closethecamps #poeticjustice

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