2019-07-09 10:06:54

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Photo Caption: The WildFit 90 Day Challenge was designed to create massive transformation in the first 14 days.
It’s in these first 14 days that our participants achieve mind-blowing insight into something they’ve struggled with for years.
They realize that their many (like, MANY) diet strategies to lose weight have been the exact reason their emotional eating has gotten worse year after year, pound after pound.
Over these 14 days, you’ll get the tools you need to end emotional eating and finally understand why your old methods to stop using food to make you feel better haven’t been working.
We’re so certain FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we’ve taken the foundational weeks of our 90 Day Challenge and are offering it to you now so that you can get a head start on creating a happy and healthy 2019, while you learn about the WildFit method alongside me, @ixchel.love, your personal Certified WILDFIT® Coach.
JOIN THE 14-DAY-RESET and start today. (link in bio and #ancestraldiet Highlight)
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