2018-12-31 15:54:54



Caption: There is an annual tradition to stuff human-sized clothes like a doll. Some are stuffed only with sawdust, some include fireworks.
These old man years or #viejos are then sat out in front of the house, or are the representative of a neighborhood. At midnight on #newyearseve they get burned or exploded.
It’s such an interesting way of letting go of the old year. Reflecting on the days, in gratitude for life, which so many are grateful for here.
And it’s a way to say hello to the new year with hope and light in our hearts.
🎆💃🏽 Happy New Year
Photos 📷 by @franciscoperezroman .
#añoviejo #añoviejos #año2018 #old2018 #oldyearoldyou #2019newyearnewyou

Photo taken at: Nicaragua

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