2018-11-23 06:39:24

2018-11-23 06:39:24

Caption: Body hair. Growing up I was keenly aware of those that had it and those that didn’t.

My dad didn’t have much being Latino. But he did sport a macho moustache for a time.My mom had a lot —everywhere. It was the 70s, I don’t think she ever owned a razor. Also French Canadian.

In a conversation about racism with a friend from Nicaragua I learned something really fascinating that had eluded me about body hair. It’s a sign of status among Latinx. The more you had, the better your status.

This blew my mind.

We were talking about skin shades and how colonialism created levels of social and hence economic status based on how light you were. The addition of hair quantity enhanced this discussion deeply.

If you got it, flaunt it was the idea. It elevated one, providing more opportunity for money and women. Lightening the bloodline was gouache. The more facial hair the more likely that man is European.

We talked about the baby test (which baby kids prefer and how they feel about their skin color). I am deeply disturbed by how young an age self-worth and esteem is imprinted by skin color. I have always preferred darker skin tones. There is test that even shows elicit bias of skin tones.

As I work on decolonization of self and understanding my own privilege around being light-skinned, I’ve become acutely aware of how much lack, poverty, enoughness, our very self-worth was created in colonialism.

The importance of doing the work for me has also been about how I’ve let my self-worth be dictated by dominant white culture. (Continued in comments)

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