2018-11-07 07:59:43

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Caption: My lightbulb moment this morning while reading Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural (thank you @bluechipminds Georgia Ellis for the 📕 recommendation).
We get caught in emotional loops that sometimes make no sense. Patterns of behaviors that I’ve outgrown, but can’t shake. Seeing it from an addict’s mind is very eye-opening.
Having worked through and dropped other addictions (sugar, alcohol – sugar in another form – shopping, dieting, etc, etc), seeing that some of these stuck places may actually be addiction loops is very enlightening because I have tools for hitting addictions straight on (and it ain’t willpower — that shit don’t work).
One loop in particular for me has been the money chase. (Thank you Kyle Cease @evolvingoutloud for this concept, can’t wait to read the new book!) Working to get by, trying to reinvent myself, feeling unworthy not enough, not certified enough, educated enough, feeling worthy some days but feeling my calling unworthy of compensation (healers aren’t supposed to be paid — BS), feeling I should be compensated, but feeling creative expression isn’t valued. And on and on and on…
Cold turkey comes in gripping that shit in my meditation practice (I meditate for 1-2 hours a day, and, yes I’m very grateful for this time to heal). I’ve been sober for 20 minutes. Aiming for 30 minutes tomorrow.
What are some of your emotional pitfalls that may be addictions hiding in plain sight?

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