2018-09-20 19:18:34

2018-09-20 19:18:34

Caption: A beautiful, kind lady, my Auntie Dora, passed yesterday. The last of a generation in our family. She and her sisters Grandma Bea and Auntie Eleanor, can dance the nights away again. 💃🏽

Her passing and this end of an era has me grieving my Grandma again. We were so close, as she was to her sister Dora, and everyone she cared for. Their tenderness has been one of my #coredesiredfeelings this year, a lesson of embodiment that I’ve been coming to understand more fully. •
Life needs more tenderness, more loving presence, more heart awakening. I’m grateful to be a descendant of these three sisters for all they imparted to their friends and and family.
#dancecardpunched #ripmyangels . . .
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