2018-07-29 12:55:13

2018-07-29 12:55:13

Caption: Do you eat like your ancestors? I was posting some thoughts to my IG story the other day, after which my youngest daughter commented to me “Mom, you seriously look like you’re getting younger.” And I am! I can feel my cells getting younger. (Look at me from my trip to Guatemala in May.) •
It was a sweet moment. Truth is, I’m feeling healthier and more vibrant than ever thanks the #WildFit program helping me shift my relationship with food, support my mitochondria, and re-member my ancestors through a real #humandiet.

(My daughter @zjmarcus, a midwife in training who is turning 28, also did the 90-day WildFit challenge and has felt the lasting results herself.)

I have 8 spots left for the Half Off Self-Study Special. A sweet deal because I’m including three 30-minute sessions. (Link in bio)

This is an excellent option for anyone who’s been interested in taking the leap with WildFit, but wants the freedom to go through the program on your own schedule. It’s perfect if you’re always on the go, and also noticed you need a recharge.

Here’s what you get: • Access to all the videos from the WildFit program FOREVER
• The freedom to start the program on the Monday of your choice and go at your own pace (with fewer check-in commitments than the Small Group Coaching option)
• Three 30-minute coaching sessions with me, including your Life Wheel Assessment
• Continued support after your challenge through the WildFit Community Facebook group
More than anything, I want you to be the best possible version of yourself and to help you get there through an amazing health transformation waiting for you on the other side of your WildFit experience. Be bold and courageous. Take the leap today.

Walk in beauty. xo •

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