2018-04-01 07:50:09

Art by Melissa Shemanna @the_honeybee_temple on Instagram

2018-04-01 07:50:09

Caption: Dreambody alchemy was strong this morning. I have been exchanging fears for gratitude as I continue to work through old wounds that have been holding me back. I am so grateful for this time. Grateful to the artists that can color my world. 💕🐝 #despertame #despierta
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Distilling your true art through the lense of the soul is a worthy process… Whatever form we resonate with to alchemise our spiritual realisations and dreams into, becomes the vessel for which we translate substance into matter. And the form of which contains the magick of all the elements of our dreaming body..
“Eclipsial Moment of infinite potential”
Egg tempera and oil glaze on canvas.

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