2018-03-31 11:18:32

2018-03-31 11:18:32

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As a community organizer and recovering politician, I’ve mentored disadvantaged communities to get involved for over 20 years. But, with today’s challenges, showing up is harder and harder. Especially when we haven’t been showing up for ourselves.

There was a time I was significantly overweight, depressed and stuck. I covered my mirrors so I didn’t have to see myself. It cost me years of turning down invitations and missing out on the dance in life.

But I began making changes, growing my own food and THEN, through Eric Edmeades’s brilliant program, something just clicked! I learned how to feed myself, truly nourish myself with WildFit. I released the weight, kept it off and my fog and depression lifted.
At 46, I’m living life comfortably in my body now, feeling better than ever. I’m living WildFit and I can show you how to do it too.

It’s clear to me, I found significant life-saving gains that came with addressing my nutrition, including eliminating a chronic systemic candida inflection that I had struggled with most of my life.

I’ve tried over a dozen weight loss and nutrition diets with little to no lasting results. This struggle kept me from being fully present to the ecological work I have been engaged in since I was a young teen. Health was elusive.

None of these “diets” got to the core of my problem: a life-long sugar addiction. WildFit’s structured program of becoming mindful to behavioral patterns utilizing behavioral psychology along with supportive coaching shows the underlying patterns of emotional eating, allowing you to break free from the patterns that create unhealthy food choices.

I became a WildFit coach because so many people are facing such enormous health challenges that keep them from doing good work in the world. WildFit builds the physical resilience we need to face our future challenges. I’m here for you.
And I even created a 3-month payment plan for you. No more excuses. Start your journey to health now.

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