2018-03-28 19:32:38

2018-03-28 19:32:38

Caption: My #zentangle #adultcoloringbook comes out Friday. Order link in bio.
Thank you for supporting #savethebees in #nicaragua 🇳🇮💕🙌🏼 This beautiful e-book, from Intuitive Shaman Tiffany Renée, contains over 60 plants with their functions in a layered food forest, several nature-inspired zentangle coloring pages, and how-tos on planting a bee-friendly garden to provide nectar for pollinators year round. BONUS: Our Grow Your Green Smoothie Recipe with easy to grow ingredients to inspire good health.

High fives to you for being a bee hero! By planting flowering plants loaded with juicy nectar you’re helping pollinators struggling from:
• Climate chaos heating up hives
• Fearful neighbors who exterminate instead of relocating a swarm
• Pesticides (need I say more?) Bees are especially attracted to large areas of specific species of blooms, so plant as much as you can! When bees find these “flower shops” in your garden, they return to the hive, doing their sweet little bee dance to direct their sisters to the luscious find.

Our global plant list includes plants that are easy to find for your region. The ones marked medicinal provide medicine for people, but also for bees. They store this potent pollen in a medicine cabinet for when they get sick. Bees are an amazing super-organism!

Our plant list also shows what layer of a food forest it lives and its role or functions, like fertilizing, protecting soil, or plant dyes.
When you create a food forest that uses plants in a variety of ways, that’s called stacking functions. It’s a core permaculture principle. Stacking functions makes the garden grow itself, giving you more time to chill and enjoy your space and more yield.
This guide will help you create plant guilds in a food forest too. A plant guild combines three or more plants to mirror the qualities of an ecosystem. You can produce food, build healthy soil, and provide forage for pollinators all at the same time!

Photo taken at: Zumbido Vida Endangered Bee Sanctuary

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