2018-03-26 14:25:55

2018-03-26 14:25:55

Caption: What if today could be the last Monday you feel frustrated, overweight and exhausted?

What if tomorrow could be your first step towards more energy, freedom and a vibrant life?

Congrats to everyone that stuck with the 4 weekly challenges! You’re on your way to a solid, healthy foundation. To go farther with us and achieve even more wins, our April 90-Day Challenge is closing enrollment 3/28 Wednesday.

Just some of the wins from our January Cohort as they enter Week 12:
* One client lost 15 pounds so far, is off her postpartum depression meds, the anxiety she had for her food decisions is gone.
* Another client is feeling more fit and strong to manage life’s stresses, has great, balanced energy, and doesn’t think twice about sugar.
* Another client no longer needs her allergy medications, hasn’t gotten sick while working in a hospital during flu season, cooks more for herself than ever before, and dropped to 20% body fat, feeling as fit and lean as when she was rowing in college.
Spring is a really good time to release excess weight added naturally in winter. If you’ve been on the fence about starting the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, we encourage you to ask yourself: What am I resisting?
Perhaps you’ve tried other diet programs out there and have failed, knocking your confidence down a few notches.
Remember, this isn’t your fault and it’s why we’ve structured the WildFit program to teach you WHY you weren’t getting the results and how you can change that story into a successful one.
Maybe you’re telling yourself “I don’t have the time”.
We understand how busy life can get and we can promise you that life most likely won’t slow down! What if you knew that making a 90 day commitment would forever change your relationship with food – including ending sugar cravings, late night binges, and the confusion over “what’s healthy and what’s not”. Join us before enrollment closes Wednesday and Save $200 below…
For $200 Off $1497 Package of Group Coaching 
Use Code: 200OFF

For $200 Off $997 PackageVideo Only Program 
Use Code: 200OFFVO

For $200 off $4997 Package 1 to 1 Professional Coaching
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