2018-03-17 07:58:04

2018-03-17 07:58:04

Caption: Do you want in on an Shamanic Women beta Mastermind I’m forming?
I’ve been mentoring women leaders for over 20 years, serving on numerous public boards and commissions with millions in assets, to help fund progressive causes. I’m now recovering, blooming really, on writing sabbatical at our bee sanctuary in Nicaragua from a life of serving my community as a politician.
Let’s just say that like a comet gets catapulted as it goes around the sun, the 2016 elections sent me in a very new direction. 💫

With one book completed and a second coming along, as part of my shamanic training and the whispers from the delightful Mayan bees I’m serving 🐝, I’ve developed a Revel in your Rhythm and Spunk Mastermind: • Tapping into Flow and intuition through listening to call from our animal elders, • Getting connected with your Core Desired Feelings (Desire Map Facilitator), • Eating real foods with the WildFit Challenge, • Sparking you to catch fire with Fire Starter coaching (20+ years of entrepreneurial support for startups), • Integrating the wisdom of our ancestors to Grow Your Green Smoothie through a permaculture practice.
A coalescence of my life’s work to date. 💃🏽 This comprehensive Mastermind will eventually be priced at $5995 for 6 months of integrated coaching (in small group and 1:1 coaching calls) in our sacred Mastermind space.
I’m opening it up to 12 (max) participants for being part of the beta development for $2995 as I weave this practice together.
We are being called to serve — to show up for communities and our planet in a climate transition — now more than ever. We need you to be ready. This is your training. Are you ready? 🌎

DM me if you’re called to know more.💕 *
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