2017-11-01 12:41:34

2017-11-01 12:41:34

Caption: I savor moments like today when I can take divine pleasure in someone else sharing their talent and art of cooking. I am so grateful to try this highly recommended restaurant. The salmon was perfectly tender, accompanied by a bliss bomb of avocado in a sweet potato sauce that was pure heaven. As a celiac and casein allergic eater, dining out is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable. When I can go out and be happily accommodated it is truly a joy. If you’re ever in Escazú, Costa Rica, visit La Divina Comida, truly a taste of heaven. #bliss #blessed #finedining #peruvianfood #livingwildfit #getwildfit #humandiet #evolutionarydiet #eatrealfoods

Photo taken at: Restaurante La Divina Comida

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