2017-04-04 12:12:53

2017-04-04 12:12:53

Caption: (This post’s theme song is “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton the Musical) You are alive! You are awake! Be good! Be true! Be beautiful! Be yourself! ~Tiffany Renée (me) ❤ I placed this by the door when my daughters were little, where it’s been ever since. In my grandmother’s house our door message was “A winner never quits. And a quitter never wins.” It’s also on my dad’s headstone. I wanted my own message of resilience to come from these loving and soulful eternal qualities as a reminder each time they left the house. ❤#inspirationalquotes #truth #beauty #goodness #soul #consciousness #permaculture #zone0 #slowlife #nicaragua #parenting #parenthood #deartheodosia

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